Thursday, August 11, 2016

WOW!!! Has it really been almost a year since I posted?

Why yes it has.

Just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I haven't been busy. Aside from the usual real life getting in the way I had several distractions from my planned projects the past few months (read...."year").

I would post pictures of these distractions but the "upgrade" to windows 10 doesn't have a driver for the Sony Handicam which all my digital pictures are taken with. So I have several picture series of projects and distractions on a camera that I can't get anything off of. "Upgrade" indeed.

So until we figure that one out it's up to the iPhone to be the camera and an AAR.

WargamesVault had for sale:
So this go round mini-me and I are going to be following someone else's rules. These are good simple rules. They make for a pretty quick game and not too complicated. It has stats for some of the more common WWII tanks, based mainly on the North Africa campaigns. It also has a few scenarios and for our initial game we (I) chose Hellcats at the Bulge.

I don't have any Hellcats so we substituted 3 M10 Wolverines and an M4 Sherman. The opposing side was to be three trucks, three Pz IV and a Tiger I. Since I don't have any Tigers we substituted a Panther and instead of Pz IV I used Pz IIIs just because.

Terrain - snow Dec 1944:
Victory conditions:
German: advance three vehicles across the table from NE to SW.
American: destroy at least four German vehicles.

Initial deployment:
Germans in the NE:

Americans in the SE:
Americans go first and split their force. Two Wolverines head straight to the convoy while the other two units head for town to cut off the route.

The Germans put the pedal to the medal and speed up the road.

They can only go as fast as the Pz. IIIs which just happen to be the slowest vehicles in the group.

Turn 2 much of the same. Everyone still out of range.

Now the two Wolverines have pulled within range, the Panther takes off the road to meet them.
The first American shot goes wide, the second aims for the convoy and hits a truck.
But the Panther scored a hit. Note the damage bead next to the M10 on the left.

Turn 4 the first Wolverine hit beats a hasty retreat while the other aims for the damaged truck in the convoy. He scores another hit, destroying the truck, but also takes a hit, the Panther still unscathed.
Meanwhile the convoy is still speeding up the road and the other American units have taken up position in the town.
The Wolverine taking cover behind a boulder scores a hit on the lead Pz III.
The trailing Pz. IIIs fire on the Sherman but both miss.

After knocking out one truck the M10 gets cocky and goes straight for the Panther and scores a hit!
The Panther returns fire does more damage. ( each tank can take 3 hits before being knocked out and there is no provision for ramming damage)

Back in the town things are getting hot at close range.
One Pz. III has pulled off to try and flank the Americans and another of the trucks has been damaged, but they're so close to making an escape.

Turn 6?:
The Wolverine evens the score on the panther and makes for cover behind the building but when the Panther comes around...............
That's two vehicles destroyed by the Americans!

Back in the town, one of the trucks has sped off to safety and the German tanks close in to do as much damage as they can. The M10 gets caught in a cross fire but the Sherman is able to get the kill on the panzer coming around the corner. That's three!

At this point I have to go for the win. I run the truck (second vehicle) and one of the tanks (third vehicle) off the end of the table before the shooting phase to achieve the scenario goal. But we still fight past the end. Because it's FUN!

I move the last panzer in and take out the Sherman. Mini-me determined that it was an ammo rack hit - note the turret on the roof. The Wolverine that took the first hit of the game has made it back in support, fires a shot but misses.

I back up behind the wreckage for cover hoping to outlast the M10 before his buddy the Panther killer arrives.
And even though ones always miss......
A six always hits!

So that was lotso fun.

I'm going to try really hard to update the blog more often. If I can figure out how to get the pictures off the Sony I'll have a lot of stuff ready go.

Until then I'll have to start over with the photo documentation.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Micro Armor and a Fountain of Light

Okay so I'm getting one more post in before the month ends.

I was supposed to finish the adventuring party but of course, I got distracted.....

I worked on my Stug company (see March 8 post) support vehicles. I also had some Panzer III/IV tanks to do. I can usually get through the Microarmor minis pretty quickly and I just had the need to get something done.

The support vehicles are painted up in the same scheme as the Stugs. In this shot you can see the Panzers in the background. Their pictures are below.

Now a few pics of the Panzers

Going through the pics I just realized I didn't get any good overhead shots. Oh well, I'll get some eventually once I get in a game with them.

For these I went with a basic two color scheme: Panzer grey and earth brown. Quick, easy, simple.

I did remember to get some scale comparison pics this time. Here's how these guys size up next to a US dime.

Pretty small huh?


And now for something completely different.

We just finished a gaming session and the party finally got to the cavern that had my big terrain piece so I can post it.

It's a fountain that spews out glowing, healing water.

Here's what it looks like in normal light on the gaming table.

And here it is in the dark....

It was a bit more difficult to construct than I anticipated.
Made with Hirst Arts bricks and fiber optic finger lights.
It came out taller than I originally planned but it had to be due to the lighting unit I used.
It still looks pretty cool on the table though.

Well that's it for this edition. Let's see if I can get another post in before October.

Thanks for stopping by and leave some comments if you like.

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Adventuring Party Part II

Wow! Has it really been two and a half months since my last post? Summer is full of activities but still I think I should have gotten more done.

 I got half of them done; plus an NPC guide.

 First up is the elven sorceress:
Not the best of pictures. Have I mentioned that I need a better camera???
Next is the half-orc barbarian.

Every party needs some version of a brute squad.

 The skin tone is a custom purple color I mixed up. Purple skin and black boots were the request of the player so I did my best to get her not to look like a zombie and also to have some variations in the black costume.
I had to be really careful with this one as far as "staying in the lines". Since the skin was a custom color, chances of being able to mix up the same tone for touch-ups was unlikely. Lukily I was able to pull it off without any stray black paint.
Now we have the rouge.
 More black! The question is: Can it be any more black? The player wants black so we got black. I just couldn't do it all the way. One must have a hint of color; thus the blue ascot.
Normally all of my figures get a flat clear coat. I tried the glossy finish & I just don't like it for all over. However I did get some good variation with the black on this guy by adding a gloss coat to just selected areas; the pants and shirt to give it the shiny leather look. I like that.

 Now the NPC guide that wasn't in the previous post.
As I was preparing the adventure I began to get a little worried about keeping it moving with mostly new players participating. Solution: add the NPC guide to keep them guided in the right direction. Enter the ranger who always wanted to be a cartographer. (saves time not having novice mappers too)
This guy has been on the lead pile for a looong time. He's a Reaper miniature that I think I bought as a new release. If you look him up you will see how low his SKU number is in their line compared to some of the ones today.
He's happy to be painted up and seeing some action finally.
He just looks cool. Especially with this blue filter on the white fleece making it look foggy.

Here's the original picture with no color effects. This one is more a study in greys and the two different reds worked out pretty good too. I surprised myself with how good the stone on top of his staff turned out.

And finally every party needs a healer of some sort....the elven cleric:

The player wanted blue costume with silver hair. Silver hair. Now there's an idea. Never done that before. Just make sure it doesn't look metallic. It turned out really well by adding a very thin white wash over it. Kinda tones it down when it's right next to the silver trim and bluish silver shoulder plates.
Well that's as far as I've gotten in two and a half months. That wasn't very much you say? Well actually I did do some other things in that time. I built a terrain piece that can't be posted because we didn't quite get far enough in the last session for it to be discovered. That's all I can say about that for now.
And I did paint up a goblin war band (that was handily dispatched by the barbarian, cleric, and the little gnome wizard who was inserting arrows manually after running out of spells.)

 Hopefully I'll get pics of the crazy gnome wizard in the next post.
 Until then, thanks for stopping by and leave some comments if you like.