Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ork Skorcha

First up, my ork scorcha. I think I finished it up this past spring. Only three years from original concept to final completion.
Yes, I need a better camera. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday this year.

The paint scheme is taken from an upclose picture of the sun I found on Astronomy Picture of the Day. Don't ask which day, it was like more than three years ago. I just noticed the turret is a little detached in this photo. It isn't glued down so it can rotate.

Here it is from the other side, you can see the "Tulz" box. The tank is a nitrous cartridge found in the street - - those crazy kids!!! The flamer itself is scratch built out of the landing gear from a Mitsubishi Zero, a plastic lollipop stick, copper wire and a little green stuff.

My favorite part is actually the driver's bandanna. I thought it turned out rather well.

Well that's it. Hopefully future projects won't take as long. I have quite a few I want to do and there is a mountain of lead that needs to be painted. Just one more pic....

First Post

So I'm going to try this "blogging" thing. I've seen a few other model building blogs and thought they were pretty neat -- "I could do that." Also it will let me have a way to track my progress on my painting ability. And just maybe, just maybe, it will motivate me to finish projects quicker than taking two years to complete just one. So, we'll see.