Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ork Skorcha

First up, my ork scorcha. I think I finished it up this past spring. Only three years from original concept to final completion.
Yes, I need a better camera. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday this year.

The paint scheme is taken from an upclose picture of the sun I found on Astronomy Picture of the Day. Don't ask which day, it was like more than three years ago. I just noticed the turret is a little detached in this photo. It isn't glued down so it can rotate.

Here it is from the other side, you can see the "Tulz" box. The tank is a nitrous cartridge found in the street - - those crazy kids!!! The flamer itself is scratch built out of the landing gear from a Mitsubishi Zero, a plastic lollipop stick, copper wire and a little green stuff.

My favorite part is actually the driver's bandanna. I thought it turned out rather well.

Well that's it. Hopefully future projects won't take as long. I have quite a few I want to do and there is a mountain of lead that needs to be painted. Just one more pic....

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  1. Well I will be your first commenter. Welcome to the war-game blogoverse. I think this model is very cool. Keep up the good work. Some advice - shamelessly link your posts at TMP, Lead adventure, Dakka Dakka and so forth.