Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The project: 213 Squadron update

After a small disaster I'm back at work on the rigging.

I got all the interplane struts done and also got the props painted up. Most of the rigging so far has turned out satisfactory. Here's a close up:
(Well a small close up. Any larger and it looks all fuzzy.)
I also started cleaning up the upper wings. You can see Lt. Richardson's wing at the top. (see the January 18th post if you want to know why it's different) It turned out really good. I'm happy with it.

I've heard of people using jigs to mount the wings but I've never really got the hang of doing that. So using a little tape I attached the struts to the top wing, and glued down the struts to the bottom.

After my disaster with the Kragl I've gone back to my friend Gorilla Glue. It's strong, the bottle doesn't gunk up, no squeezing necessary to control the flow, it stays liquid in the bottle for a long time, and best of all there's a picture of a gorilla on it!
So once they're all set, I can remove the top wing and Everything is Awesome!
Down at the left you can see where I traced the ends of Lt. Richardson's wing to make sure they are even. Yes they are.
I also have the cowlings & propellers mounted.
Now to fill in some gaps and start the fun part....Painting!!!

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