Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Eisenkern Stormtroopers

What have I been up to since 213 Squadron?

Putting together and painting up the not Imperial Guard Stormtroopers Santa brought me for Christmas.
 These were just so cool looking I had to have them. Thanks Santa!!!
20 in a box and lots of options and good action poses.
Here's the first platoon, assembled and primed, ready for painting.

All the heads in the box were helmeted. I broke down and went back to the hobby shop to get the accessory kit that has the capped head options and other arm and ammo pouch options.
This time I'm going for the look on the box. No decals though, I had to make my own.
First platoon in action
Now taking positions inside the building.
Just a few more pictures....
Move out!
Well that's it. Leave some comments if you like them.
the set.


  1. I love them! Be great for almost any sci-fi setting.

  2. I like them. Thank you for sharing the pics.

  3. Well done. I admire the figs but they're a bit too Germanic for my current needs.

  4. They look fantastic! I'm sorely tempted just to have a unit of not- " Wolf Brigade" they really look very similar to that anime. I like your choice of grey too. The insignias on the helmets and the web gear really pop without being obnoxious as well.