Sunday, February 22, 2015

Shoota Boyz continuted

Well I think I'm back. Real life has gotten in the way of posting updates but that doesn't mean I haven't been at the painting table.

I got the basic clothing/armor done now.

Next is to fill in the patterns, and small details.
I've got many projects under the table just waiting to go. My latest obsession has become Micro Armor. I posted my first batch of tanks some time ago. -- check out March 2014 post. They are very addictive; small, quick to paint, and fun to play with. So I've got some of that to do.
Also I have more ork troops, a gretchin mob, and some more kit bash vehicle ideas, mainly so I can paint up some wild camo schemes.
Then there are the fantasy adventurer figures and monsters I need to get done for some gaming.
I can't forget I've got a box of Amazon hoplites to go with a small unit I started a looong time (4+ years) ago.
But my big project for this year - which I can't wait to get started on...
My significant other got me the first season on DVD for Christmas!!!! YAY!! Starblazers used to come on at 6:30AM & I would watch it before school each morning way back when. I've been dyin' to watch it again! I really wanted the 1/500 scale model (HUGE - the box was as big as my painting table) but I would have no place to put it, so I asked for the smaller one instead. YAY!
Now I've got to watch the DVDs and take notes, pause it for screen shots and everything. I can't wait!!!
So I hope to get back on these projects and update my posting more often.
Wish me luck! and thanks for stopping by.


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