Monday, March 2, 2015

These boyz are done

Finally finished 'em up...

This time I went for a kind of leopard/spotty motif

What I really wanted to try out on these guys was the muzzle blasts. They're okay for a first attempt.

And a few parting shots at the backs.

And another looted shoulder from a space marine.
Well that's it. I'm going to do other stuff besides orks for a while. Oh yeah, I forgot to add to my list of projects, my not-Imperial Guard regulars.
Until next's a troll.


  1. WAAAAAAGH!!!!

    Nice work. Are the muzzle blasts from Armorcast?

  2. Nope. Homemade. Put some brown stuff on the end and after it cures a good bit you pull it with tweezers. Modelling them worked out really good, it's just painting them up right that I need more practice at.