Monday, April 14, 2014

213 Squadron - the paint scheme

I finally got started on the painting!!!!! All parts were primed with Tamiya grey primer before assembly. The colors were put on in two thin coats except for the last one...more on that later.

I started off with light brown: Model Color Light Brown

Next, light green: Game Color Camouflage Green

Then comes dark brown: Model Color Flat Earth

If you were paying attention you will notice I also went back and added the light brown edge to the Bleriot scheme upper wings (the two on the did I miss that?)

And things are going along smoothly until my dark green decides to act like an ink wash.

Game Color Dark Green. This had to go on in four coats. It just wouldn't mix in the bottle, don't know if it sat too long or what happened. It was fine painting some orcs around Christmas time.

I know these pictures aren't the best quality but it lets me get away with being a little sloppy on this stage. The next task will be black, details of the cockpit, struts, and clean up/touch ups.

Until next time here's Ernst Kessler

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