Sunday, April 27, 2014

213 Squadron details -- almost done

Finally finished up the black bits of camo and worked some on details. I cleaned up some edges and some messy spots.
Took them outside for a quick coat of gloss. Personally I don't like the gloss finish, and once they are finished they won't be gloss. To me gloss is only for surfaces that should look wet or maybe a shiny leather kinda look. But I've read on some modelling sites and the recommendations with a decal set I got for these suggested applying them to a gloss coat finish.
More shots of the details...
Webbing on the #1 plane's cowling.
I also added the flying & landing wires, and drilled out and inserted some gun barrels on all planes.
Next step is to put the top wing on, decals & undercarriage. After that, a shot of flat clear and decide if they need pilots.
So until next time, thanks for looking.

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