Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Microarmor AAR

I just got my orders of Litko markers and a few houses from GHQ. Also my lovely significant other was nice enough to bring me some fleece for game mats; green for grass, white for snow, and brown for mud (...not exactly tan for sand/desert) so we had to set it up for a game.
The town:
So mini-me and I got to work cutting out some felt strips for roads, and adding some lego buildings to make a town. (North is to the top)
A larger shot of the town, note the tall "clock tower" in the center built by mini-me.
The Forces:
Force A-mini-me: is comprised of sixteen tanks: 6 Panzer IVs, 10 Shermans.
Force D-me: is sixteen tanks: 8 Panthers, 8 T-34s
A lovely mix of armor. Obviously we're not intending to be historical....this is for FUN!!!!
The Objective:
Force A is to make it through the town, Force D is there to stop them.
The Rules: keep it simple
The Panzers & Panthers are considered heavy tanks. They move 3" per turn. Score a hit on 4-6. Armor saves 4-6.
The Shermans & T-34s are considered light. They move 4" per turn. Score a hit on 4-6. Armor saves 5-6.
You can move and shoot. Fail your armor save & you're dead. Shooting without moving gives you +1. Shooting is line of sight. (Weee! Get the laser pointer out!!!!) Moving off roads slows you 1". Partial cover gives you +1 to your armor save.
Roll to see who goes first each turn.
Force A approaching the town from the west. All they can see over the hill is the clock tower. They know the town is heavily defended

6 Panthers are strategically located behind buildings throughout the town while the T-34s patrol the streets. The other two Panthers are positioned on a hill to the south.
Force A sends four Panzers over the hill to recon. He spots the Panthers on the hill and fires, unfortunately missing.
The Panthers return fire and score a hit!

The Shermans come racing over the hill, while the Panthers fire again scoring another hit on a Panzer.
Two T-34s move into position and take out one Sherman.
But not before they take out the Panthers on the hill. Mini-me is keeping all his tanks together and the concentrated fire is devastating.
After taking out the Panthers on the hill the Shermans continue to advance. A Panther moves out from behind a building and takes out one of the Shermans while the T-34s on the north flank take one out as well.
As the Shermans move through the south part of town the remaining Panthers & T-34s are moving to intercept.
The Shermans continued to advance in their straight firing line formation taking out the T-34s on the north along with three more Panthers that came out of hiding to fire. I told ya the concentrated fire was devastating.
At the bend in the road the Force D catches the Shermans in a killing zone. Lots of shooting!! Lots of destruction & fire & smoke too. Heavy losses on both sides.
One lone Panzer had stayed back out of the town. The late-comer to the party later took hits from both the Panther and T-34.
The last two Shermans break out of the killing zone and make a run for it.
They didn't make it.
End of game.
At the end of the game I was left with 3 Panthers and a T-34. Mini-me still had one Panzer left that had moved into position on top of the hill to the south -  the original position of two of my Panthers.
Lots o fun!

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