Sunday, April 12, 2015

Blue Angels

This time up is my Blue Angels project.

I don't remember for sure but I think these are the Trumpeter 1/350 models. I took Mini-me to see them this past year but actually it was three years ago that we saw them and I wanted to model them. I had the Revell 1/48 scale F-4 models years and years ago as a kid. Don't really have the room (or want to shell out the $$) for 1/48 scale again. So Santa brought me these a while back.

The kit wasn't a Blue Angels kit. It was just a standard F-18/A so I had to come up with my own decals. But wait....I have terrible luck with decals - see some previous posts!

I did find some 1/48 scale for the F-18 versions and was able to shrink them down to an acceptable size. Unfortunately being yellow they don't really transfer very well, as in you really can't see them. So I did use the lettering on the under side of the wings and the numbering so I could be sure to get the font right. Then I had to go back over them by hand with the paint brush.
Here's how they turned out.

I mounted them on straightened paper clips. Getting the spacing good was a real trick.
I originally wanted to have the wires coming out of the center of the stand at angles like the stand from the F-4 models I had but not being a great engineer and wanting to work out calculating the measurements I just went with straight stands.

And lastly the shield emblem was impossible to get at this small scale but I gave it my best shot.
So there are my Blue Angels.
Let me know what you think.

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