Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Adventuring Party

So after listing all those projects back in February that I have to work on...I haven't worked on a single one. I built an aircraft carrier and got started on a new D&D campaign.

Instead of working on a project I decided that we all needed new figures for the adventure.

It's a big party so I've got some painting to do. These are mostly all Reaper minis with one gnome from Iron Wind, with an added staff - finishing nail.
I haven't got much done on them at this point other than some priming and the skin tones.
So in the meantime I will post some pics of the last adventuring party.

The 1/2 orc tank

The elven mage
The Halfling rogue


Rogue with the Druid

And the Dwarf Caver (ranger)

Thanks for stopping by.
Hope to have more of the new party up soon.
Leave some comments if you like.

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